Giving Your Disabled Pet a Normal Life

It may seem like bitter irony to be thinking of “normal” when your pet can’t walk or is otherwise disabled. Yet your pet may not even realize that they are disabled, and will usually adapt to their new restrictions quite easily. They take each day as it comes without much thought, and may be perfectly capable of leading a healthy and happy life despite their disabilities.

Disabled Dogs and Potty Problems

One of the major issues you will probably have to deal with if you have a disabled dog is incontinence. Number two is especially an issue, as the mess can be considerable. If you’re one of those people with a pathological fear of getting dirty, then you may find the following article hard to swallow. However, if you’re determined to keep your disabled dog, then you will just have to suck it up (thankfully, not literally!).

Quad Wheelchairs for Dogs with Disabilities

A quad wheelchair has four wheels designed to support a disabled dog with little or no ability to support itself using its own legs. The ideal quad wheelchair should be adjustable to accommodate dogs within a certain range of weight and size, and rigid enough o give pelvic support. In most cases, a quad wheelchair is only appropriate for dogs that are totally paralyzed or quadriplegic, but not always.